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Marriages can end in contentious litigation, with spouses unable to make even the simplest of decisions jointly. It does not have to end this way. The right counsel can help you manage the turbulent times that come with a divorce, and provide options for creative and practical solutions. Your success is our only goal!

Our Services

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    Mediation is a path through which both parties can feel that their individual concerns were hear and their wishes in crafting a plan for divorce or dissolution have been considered.
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    Collaborative Divorce
    Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to traditional negotiation or litigation that can leave the parties with a more productive and positive relationship at the end of the process.
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    Parent Coordination
    Most often, a parenting coordinator, as a third-party neutral, assists families who are engaged in child custody disputes either during the course of a divorce, or after a divorce decree or custody order has been entered.  
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    Divorce and Dissolution
    Ohio law provides a number of ways for spouses to end or alter their marital relationship. Two of the most common are divorce and dissolution of marriage.
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    Child Custody
    Child custody, or allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, is an emotionally charged issue that requires careful consideration and thoughtful counsel.
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    Litigation Services
    The right lawyer is key to making sure you know your options and your rights, and your children’s safety and well-being, are protected.
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    Spousal & Child Support
    Child support generally lasts until the child is at least 18. It can end earlier if a child is emancipated, or gets married.
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    Same Sex Marriage
    Even with these advances, same sex couples even today face novel issues when their marriages come to an end.
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    Private Adoption
    At the Law Offices Of Cara L. Santosuosso, LLC, we’re family lawyers dedicated to helping children. Assisting in private adoptions is one key way we help to ensure that children have loving, caring adults in their lives.
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