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Litigation Services

Sometimes, finding an amicable solution when your marriage is ending is not possible. Where minor children are involved, the decisions and conflicts may be even more difficult. The right litigation attorney is key to making sure you know your options and your rights, and your children’s safety and well-being, are protected.  

During the tumultuous times of marital breakdown, we can help identify your options and guide you through the process of divorce litigation.  Some of the most important situations include:

  • Protecting your rights to your children
  • Fighting for your rightful share of marital property
  • Making sure you can obtain the spousal and child support to which you may be entitled
  • Reaching a reasonable and workable parenting time schedule
  • Speaking up for you and your rights – during a time when that can be difficult to do on your own
  • Providing you with the information and resources to make sound decisions regarding children’s issues, support and property
  • Providing you the support and care necessary to help you “start over”

The right divorce lawyer can not only protect your rights and assets, but do so in a way that helps you heal and move on in a positive way.  We always prepare every case so that if litigation must happen, you are prepared and ready to meet the challenge.

Why Do you Need To Hire an Experienced Family Lawyer?

“Can’t I just download some forms and file for divorce myself?”  Sure – there are “form divorces” available out there. But only an experienced civil litigation lawyer can answer the questions you need addressed most. They will make sure the decisions and agreements you make as part of your divorce serve you well for years to come.  Doing it right – the first time – can save you time, money, and heartache down the road.  For example:

  1. Do you really want to negotiate directly with your soon to be spouse about sensitive issues?
    If you are ready for divorce, it may be far more productive to allow a knowledgeable attorney to represent your interests in the negotiations process.
  2. Do you know and understand all of your rights and obligations under the law?
    Even when parties agree on most issues, what you don’t know can come back to haunt you.  Consulting with an attorney well-versed in the most up-to-date laws applicable to divorcing families is imperative.
  3. Is your agreement fair?
    Some agreements may sound great today, but cause major problems for one party or the other down the road due to some unknown or unforeseen legal issue.  Make sure you have the information to make sound legal decisions.
  4. Do you understanding all the paperwork and filing requirements?
    Parties can lose huge amounts of time if they think they’ve reached an agreement and arrive at divorce day, only to find out that their filing is fatally flawed in some way.  Attorneys who regularly practice in court can save you the headache and hassle, and will file your case right, the first time.
  5. Don’t underestimate the emotions involved.
    Even couples who can get along reasonably well may reach a point where their emotions take over, and all progress stops.  A skilled attorney can help you navigate these emotional minefields and get you back on track for a favorable financial and/or custody outcome.