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Most people, when thinking about divorce, separation, child custody disputes or child support issues, greatly fear hostility or disagreements. Often, people believe that the only way those disputes can be resolved is by a judge imposing a court order by which the parties and children must then try to live with.  But there is another way.  Family law issues can be resolved in a way that leaves parents with agreeable and respectful relationships, and children with plenty of access to each parent and their families. Mediation is a path through which both parties can feel that their individual concerns were hear and their wishes in crafting a plan for divorce or dissolution have been considered.

Mediation – included in the category of alternative dispute resolution – is a process by which the parties to a dispute meet with a neutral individual (mediator) who can assist them in working toward an outcome everyone can live with.  Mediators often suggest options, or explain process, but they will not impose any agreement or order on the parties.  Only the persons who would be impacted by the terms of the resolution can reach a final outcome.  Mediators are skilled at helping parties communicate, and reach common ground.

Often the most important goal of mediation is to help the parties to a dispute acknowledge and understand the other’s perspective.  Resolution can be within reach, the help of a skilled mediator

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